How to write a resume - June 1, 2019

How to write a resume

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Requirements for the content of theses

The title of the abstract should correspond to their content. It may repeat the title of the course (thesis) work, and may differ from it (for example, if the abstracts reflect part of the study).

Abstracts should include answers to three questions:

what was studied? (formulation of the research problem, a brief justification of its relevance, novelty, theoretical and practical significance).

How was it studied? (description of the research methodology: for empirical research – sampling, methods and methods of work organization, data collection and processing, for literature reviews – search methods and literature selection criteria on the basis of which the work was prepared).

What results were obtained? (main conclusions).

The logic of the text, the order of the answers to the above questions are determined by the author of the theses.

Do not try to construct abstracts from fragments of already written work. The logical links between the fragments in this case may be lost, the reader will have difficulties in understanding your research. Better try to re-describe the study as a whole.

Do not be afraid, everyone once did it for the first time. You can do it!

The main secrets of good theses

 Good abstracts are the result of a well-executed study. It is unlikely to write good abstracts for a poorly (careless, poor quality) of research that is not in compliance with the established requirements. But the opposite is still possible. You have to work hard on good theses, and it will not work by itself.

 Carefully formulate the topic of research (course, degree) work. Use any opportunity to discuss it at seminars, lectures. Record questions that your colleagues have in order to reflect on them later. Check on periodicals, collections of articles and abstracts, if there is a coincidence with the topics already conducted by other studies.

Think carefully about the design of the study. Do not put too many questions in one work, leave them for the subsequent stages of your research. Aim for relatively simple, elegant designs.

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