How to put coursework on resume - May 10, 2019

How to put coursework on resume

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Carefully read what has been written and check whether these sections and are enough to fully disclose the topic. If not enough – add. The ideas you compiled for each should be logically structured to prove the main idea of ​​the whole work – the result / conclusion of your theses (the most recent section of theses of any type) that you identified in step 2 of this algorithm. If necessary, change the order of the paragraphs, clarify the wording. You may want to make corrections to the title of the work.

Carefully read the requirements for the design of abstracts, paying attention to their volume. Express it in the number of lines of the corresponding font and distribute (approximately) this volume between separate sections and paragraphs. Thus, you have received a detailed outline of your abstracts. You can move on to writing them.

In turn, starting with the first paragraph, express your thoughts, trying to fit into the volume reserved for them. After writing the first paragraph, go to the second, and so on.

Read all the resulting text in its entirety. Edit the transitions between paragraphs, the very content of the paragraphs. It is very likely that in the process of writing you have new ideas on theses. If you consider it necessary, add them to the plan, starting from paragraph 4 of this algorithm, and go through paragraphs again. 4–8. By volume, individual paragraphs may deviate from the original plan. There is nothing terrible in this – except for you, this plan was not known to anyone. It is important that the main result / conclusion of your work be well reasoned.

 Check the correspondence of the resulting thesis to the given total volume. If their size is somewhat larger, find and reduce minor details, change individual phrases to help get rid of incomplete lines, etc.

Issue abstracts in accordance with all the requirements of the organizing committee.

 Show them to the supervisor, your friends, to listen to their opinions on the content, argumentation, style of work. Make corrections and additions that you consider essential.

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